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“Fusion Pilates For Pregnancy has a great workout for each trimester in one DVD. The unique method of showing three levels of exercise difficulty with women in the appropriate trimester doing the appropriate level and method simultaneously , is a huge plus. The routines are shown with excellent voice and visual instruction. Appropriately, emphasis on safety, which is of paramount importance to the pregnant teachers as well, is noted throughout the session. The aerobic conditioning , strength training and flexibility maneuvers taught will help mothers-to-be get ready for labor and delivery while enjoying the satisfaction of convenience and privacy, if desired. I am recommending the DVD to all of my patients. As with any exercise routine, I suggest that you describe the activity to your OB and find out if you have restrictions to exercise due to premature labor risk factors , medical risk factors or other things that may be complicated by exercise. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists publish guidelines which outline contraindications and warning signs regarding exercise, so ask your OB. Also, move slowly through new exercise routines and stay well hydrated and DONT DO ANY THING THAT HURTS OR MAKES YOU FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE and USE COMMON SENSE.”

“Jennifer Gianni’s Fusion Pilates™ for Pregnancy is an outstanding way to get the exercise that should be part of every woman’s pregnancy. Taught by this experienced professional, the video is safe and effective. It is also educational, describing the bodily changes during pregnancy that must be acknowledged. The instructors demonstrate the appropriate positions for each trimester making this program perfect for any stage of pregnancy.”

“Jennifer Gianni’s Fusion Pilates for Pregnancy is fantastic! Not only is it safe for both mom and baby, it helped me keep really fit throughout my pregnancy. I highly recommend it, I absolutely love it!”

“A beautiful production integrating toning, Pilates, yoga and stretch. You’ll build strength and improve flexibility while totally avoiding all on-your-back positions (e.g. the Pilates hundred is done kneeling instead of lying). There’s a huge variety of pregnancy-adapted exercises, from bicep curls and against-the-wall squats to simple yoga poses like warrior and plank. You also get relaxing stretch segments and stress-reducing guided relaxation at the end. Very tranquil, detailed cues with lots of modifications (the three exercisers are each in a different trimester; each one shows the moves for her own stage).”

“I’m 36 weeks pregnant with my third child and wanted to let you know that this workout DVD is the best pregnancy workout I have ever experienced! With the exception of 2 weeks, I have done the workout at least three times a week since I received it in early July: I’ve built and maintained great tone in my arms (something I didn’t realize was possible with such light weights) and avoided a lot of the lower-back discomfort that seemed an unavoidable part of my previous pregnancies. I think the relaxing, but highly effective exercises are going to prove great preparation for labor. Keep up the good work–I look forward to utilizing the post-partum DVDs!”

“I recently bought Fusion Pilates and absolutely loved it! I really enjoyed the variety of exercises, the beautiful set and music, Jennifer’s gently teaching, and the flow of the workout. I would love to have more workouts that are similar to this. Are there any more being planned? Thanks for any info you can provide.”

“I read about your program in Fit Pregnancy and rushed right to the website to buy my copy. I have been looking for a safe but challenging pilates or yoga based workout since I found out that I am pregnant and have not been pleased with anything until I found Fusion Pilates for Pregnancy. In fact I wish I would have known about your program sooner! Keep the videos coming, they are among the best out there for the prenatal woman.”

“Not only did Fusion Pilates get me back in shape after the birth of my first daughter, it’s kept me fit and helped me bounce back much quicker since my second daughter was born. It’s great getting your instruction from a fellow mom like Jennifer who’s been through it all herself.”

“Working with Jennifer Gianni during my first pregnancy gave me the strength and flexibility throughout the different stages of my pregnancy to help me feel comfortable as well as helped me through the challenges of my labor. She is a true pilates expert, having had 2 babies herself, and she knew exactly what positions were best for the various phases of my pregnancy. I always felt great at the end of our sessions. She not only helped me feel confident about my bodily changes, she was a loving coach and friend.”

“Fusion Pilates has changed my body completely. As a former professional athlete, (tennis), I thought I’d gone as far as I could go with total body fitness. After I discovered Jennifer Gianni’s Fusion Pilates I was amazed at the transformation of my body. Not only am I stronger than I was at 23 but my tennis game is drastically better. At 37 and two children later I am now a devoted student of Fusion Pilates and its tremendous results. For those who aren’t lucky enough to train with Jennifer personally, the Fusion Pilates for Pregnancy DVD is a godsend.”