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Great for stretching, toning muscles, safe prenatal exercise, June 16, 2004 (Five Stars!’s highest rating)

“This is the second pregnancy dvd that I’ve ordered, and it is by far the best. If you’re looking for an aerobic workout, you won’t get one here. What you will get is a yoga, pilates, mild weight session that really helps to stretch and strengthen muscles and feel more in tune with your body. I found it helpful to have 3 models to follow, one doing more strenuous stretches for the 1st and 2nd trimester folks and the other two doing modifications of the same stretches for 3rd trimester. I have personally found yoga to be boring, but this tape moves quickly enough to keep my interest and incoporate pilates moves to make it go quickly and be relaxing at the same time. Of course, you will need to invest in some equipment to get the most from the workout; you’ll need a stool or chair, 2 2lb. weights, a small ball, and a pole about 4 ft. high for some of the stretches. Sometimes I find that I really need to watch the screen to follow Jennifer Gianni’s instructions. Unfortunately, she does not mirror what you are doing (she says, stretch to the right and she does, but it looks as though she’s stretching to the left from my perspective), but I believe that in time I’ll get used to the workout and won’t have to depend so much on visual prompts. Overall, I am happy that I spent the money on this dvd. I will probably keep on watching after my delivery. This exercise, combined with a brisk daily walk and some other aerobic activities make me feel as though I’ll be ready when it’s time for labor!”