Fusion Mat for Post Pregnancy & C-Section Recovery

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Fusion Mat for Post Pregnancy
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Mat for Post Pregnancy & C-Section Recovery

FPMatPost“A MUST HAVE for postnatal recovery… all the tools you need to bounce back quickly after childbirth!”

~Teri Hanson, Fitness Editor
Fit Pregnancy Magazine

A MUST for getting back your pre-pregnant body. Includes real footage of Jennifer immediately after her C-Section offering tips on what to expect and how to care for yourself during your hospital stay. Also includes a SAFE First Six Weeks Exercise Plan, which will gently prepare you for Jennifer’s Main Post Pregnancy Workout.

Includes a First Six Weeks Exercise Plan, safe to perform whether your delivery was vaginal, c-section or even if you have a diastis recti

Includes Jennifer’s Main Post Pregnancy Workout that strengthens all the core muscles to get you back into shape after pregnancy, FAST!

Includes yoga-infused Pilates as well as low-impact cardio to shape and tone.