Fusion Pilates Birth Ball – Exercising with Baby (DVD Workout)


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Get in shape, have fun, and spend quality time with your baby on the Birth Ball. See how Pilates based ex- ercises on the Birth Ball can help you regain your pre-pregnant body. The Pilates Birth Ball is the perfect piece of equipment to enhance and sup- port a post-natal exercise regimen.

The Fusion Pilates series of Pre & Post Natal fitness DVDs are the result of Jennifer Gianni’s in-depth research and experimentation to find the perfect workout that is both safe and effective for the pre and post pregnant woman.

Program consists of a 15 minute intro with informative tips on alignment, positioning, breathing and safety and a 30 minute Main Workout with over 30 exercises.

  • follows all guidelines from the american College of obstetrics and Gynecology
  • includes great exercises that include your baby
  • Challenges and motivates new moms of all fitness levels

Required Equipment:

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