SmartSpine™ Professional Kit


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Enjoy relaxing benefits at home or bring new life to teaching with these easy to use tools. SmartSpine eases spinal biomechanical challenges during core exercises or wrapped around the leg or shoulders for relaxation. Delivers immediate sensory and proprioceptive awareness, simplifying cueing techniques and increasing mind/body focus. Created by Marie-Jose Blom. Can be used alone or with any piece of Pilates equipment. Warm in microwave for relaxing muscle release, or cool for post-workout cold wrap. Products are 100% natural, unbleached cotton, gently infused with organic lavender.The SmartSpine Professional Kit includes the SmartSpine plus two sacral wedges, a cervical disk, two multi-functional Arch Tubbies, a Globe (to increase difficulty in various movements), microwave sleeve, and carrying strap. Companion DVD demonstrates product use (not a workout video).

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