William A. Growdon, M.D.

Posted in Testimonials

“Fusion Pilates For Pregnancy has a great workout for each trimester in one DVD. The unique method of showing three levels of exercise difficulty with women in the appropriate trimester doing the appropriate level and method simultaneously , is a huge plus. The routines are shown with excellent voice and visual instruction. Appropriately, emphasis on safety, which is of paramount importance to the pregnant teachers as well, is noted throughout the session. The aerobic conditioning , strength training and flexibility maneuvers taught will help mothers-to-be get ready for labor and delivery while enjoying the satisfaction of convenience and privacy, if desired. I am recommending the DVD to all of my patients. As with any exercise routine, I suggest that you describe the activity to your OB and find out if you have restrictions to exercise due to premature labor risk factors , medical risk factors or other things that may be complicated by exercise. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists publish guidelines which outline contraindications and warning signs regarding exercise, so ask your OB. Also, move slowly through new exercise routines and stay well hydrated and DONT DO ANY THING THAT HURTS OR MAKES YOU FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE and USE COMMON SENSE.”